About the memorial

This memorial honours those who lost their lives to COVID-19 in Sri Lanka.

The numbers have always been names. In addition to illustrating the gravity of the pandemic and the true scale of the loss, we hope this memorial serves as a reminder that those we lost were more than the statistics reported at the end of each day.

We also hope it provides collective catharsis for those who have to live with these losses and shine a light on geographies, communities and demographics who were most affected by the state response to the pandemic.


This memorial was conceptualized and created by an intergenerational group of volunteers.

The website was developed by Kaveen Rodrigo. The Data pipeline and website are open source software, released under the MIT license.

The flower symbol was created by Thilini Perera.

The idea for this symbol drew inspiration from a design by Rochel Canagasabey, who created an infographic that was one of the first digital memorials to the lives lost in the pandemic.

We are using, and adding to, Maduka Jayalath’s Sri Lanka Provinces Districts Cities Database.

A growing list of people have contributed in various ways including data entry, copywriting, translation, etc.

  • Rochel Canagasabey
  • Franklyn Chamintha
  • Amalini De Sayrah
  • Zainab Ibrahim
  • Duvindi Illankoon
  • Nabeela Iqbal
  • SK
  • Phusathi Liyanaarachchi
  • Mahas Murshid
  • Sachini Perera
  • Nethmi Rajawasam
  • Sindhu Ratnarajan
  • Vayangana Silva
  • Abinaya Sritharan
  • Savindri Talgodapitiya
  • VG Thevan
  • Pamodi Waravita
  • Sarika Warusavitharana
  • Niran Wirasinha
  • Pranith Wirasinha